Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines, founded in 1985, is one of the world's fastest growing airlines. The airline has a huge fleet of all-purpose Boeing and Airbus aeroplanes, with the Airbus A380 being its most popular model. Emirates runs a huge transportation network throughout the Middle East, as well as Africa, East Asia, South Asia, Australasia, North America, Europe, and South America, with over 140 destinations and six continents served from its hub.

Class of Seating:

Emirates' fleet consists of Airbus A380, A340-500, and Boeing 777 aircraft, all of which are intended to provide distinct seats for First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class passengers. Airbus aircraft have a total maximum occupancy of 265 passengers for three-class flights, whereas Boeing aircraft have a total maximum occupancy of 365 passengers for three-class flights and 440 passengers for two-class flights.

Services Offered:

Depending on the location, Emirates provides outstanding service in terms of comfort and convenience both on the ground and in the air. From the diversity and currency of movies, TV shows, music, and games to the cost and accessibility of on-board Wi-Fi, in-flight facilities give a fantastic experience to its passengers.

Check-In Information:

The check-in desk for domestic travellers opens 2 hours before the actual flight date and ends 45 minutes before the planned departure time. A printed itinerary validating flight details, as well as acceptable picture ID, must be shown at check-in. Emirates also offers a web-based check-in service that is available up to 90 minutes before flight time and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Web check-in is only available for bookings with 9 or less passengers on the same PNR. A online check-in service is also not authorised if the first flight in the schedule is not an Emirates flight. Emirates even offers a Smartphone boarding pass service to its guests.

Baggage Information:

Emirates offers one of the most generous free checked baggage allowances to its passengers. The free checked baggage allowance for Economy class travellers is 30 kilogramme, 40 kg for Business class passengers, and 50 kg for First Class passengers. These exclusions do not apply to flights to North and South America flights to North and South America, where the luggage allowance is calculated per person unit.

Refund Policy:

Refunds are often authorised for personal reasons (self-cancellation, injury, pregnancy, or death of a passenger), carrier cancellation / rescheduling, force majeure, or duplicate reservation. Various carriers, however, have different regulations regarding permissible returns.

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