Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Farestriangle owns the copyright of text, images, and displays on the website. Viewing and printing material from www.Farestriangle.com should be for informative purposes only. The information displayed on this website is strictly restricted to non-commercial use only.

We understand that it is important for the users of our website to have a flawless experience. Hence, we consider it our responsibility to clearly state the users' legal rights and obligations. This website is controlled by Farestriangle and is available for visitors for travel booking services or for collecting information about travel services, and for no other purpose.

Users are requested to read the Terms and Conditions with regard to the use of this website with extreme care, as these Terms and Conditions provide the users with essential insights pertaining to their legal rights and obligations.

By using this website or by making reservations or by buying the services offered herein you authorize us to send you relevant communication via Phone Calls, SMS, Emails and other paper and electronic medium.

Note that the Terms and Conditions may be revised and updated without prior notice, simply by the act of updating this posting. Hence, you are requested to read through the Terms and Conditions, every time they make a booking through us. The act of browsing www.Farestriangle.com , whether to collect information or to book services, is an indication of your acceptance and agreement to the stated Terms and Conditions.

Farestriangle Responsibility

Farestriangle is neither an agent of the customer buying services from www.Farestriangle.com nor a partner/associate of a third-party travel service provider. Lets Book Deal makes arrangements for the customers with third-party travel vendors only for services listed on the website. Farestriangle does not stand authorized or responsible for any fault, defect, negligence, injury, loss, damage, wrongful act borne by the user/customer as a part of browsing/using the website.

Any delays, cancellations, offers, promotions that are beyond the control of Farestriangle must be taken forward with the service provider. You must understand that any dispute should only be taken up with the concerned travel service provider and not with Farestriangle.

Lets Book Deal recommends you to procure travel protection, which will offer you the required assitance to claim/recover cancellation fees. For more details of available benefits on travel protection please write to info@Farestriangle.com

You must understand that all communication (documents/confirmation/status/ information) will be sent to the email address shared by you at the time of booking unless otherwise stated.

User’s Responsibility

You, the Visitors/Users of Farestriangle are fully responsible for the information submitted at the time of booking. You warrant that the information submitted by you is correct and that you authorize Farestriangle to use it for further processing.

Feedback & Comments

At Farestriangle, we welcome you to share your valuable feedback and comments.

However, you must understand that we have the right to monitor and view your reviews. That being said, we do not have the right to modify/ distribute your feedback or reviews. Farestriangle reserves the right to prohibit the distribution of your feedback and reviews, that may seem inappropriate or are in violation of Terms & Conditions.

User Acceptance

The use of pictures, text, information, hyperlinks, provided by www.Farestriangle.com , is prohibited without the consent of Farestriangle.

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