Air France Airways

Air France Airlines

Air France is a French national airline based in Tremblay-en-France, north of Paris. Air France is a founding member of Sky Team Global Airline Partnership and a component of the Air France Airlines Air France Airlines – KLM Group. Its worldwide hub and corporate headquarters are located at Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport, respectively. Air France flies to 36 internal destinations, 93 countries, and 168 foreign destinations.


Air France has 233 commercial passenger planes, including 18 Airbus A318-100s, 40 Airbus A319-100s, 45 Airbus A320-200s, 5 Airbus A321-100s, 18 Airbus A321-200s, 9 Airbus A340-300s, 10 Airbus A380-800s, 25 Boeing 777-200ERs, 43 Boeing 777-300ERs, and 2 Boeing 787-9s.

Class of Seating

Air France only provides three to four tier types for long-haul international flights: business, premium economy, business, and La première (only A380-800 and 777-300ER). There are three cabin options for short-haul flights: Economy, Premium Economy, and Business.

In-flight Entertainment

Air France provides an in-flight entertainment centre as well as copies of the Air France magazine on all long-haul international flights. Furthermore, Air France Madame's fashion luxury magazine, as well as the La première cabins, are part of the business. There are still French, Spanish, and/or English films playing, as well as Korean, Hindi, Japanese, and Chinese options.

Check-in Information

Check-in at the Airport: Passengers may check in at the airport using the remote kiosks, which are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Web Check-in: You can check in online up to 30 hours before your flight. Travelers may book flights using the Air France website or the Air France mobile app.

Baggage Information

Carry-On Baggage: The amount of carry-on luggage items allowed varies based on the passenger's class ticket or Blue flight status. Hand baggage dimensions, including wheels, folds, and handles, shall not exceed 55 cm x 35 cm x 21.7 cm.

Checked Baggage: The quantity of checked luggage allowed per person varies according to the plane cost and the flight status. Please double-check your flight's baggage allotment. The maximum size of checked luggage, including any pocket wheels or handles, is 158 cm (62.2 in).

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