It is to be understood, that www.Farestriangle.com is essentially an agent, bringing together on one platform, the people who are willing to travel and the travel service providers. To that end, Farestriangle does not own or manage any service listed on the website. It must also be understood the Farestriangle does not enjoy any association with any travel service provider, listed on the website or otherwise.

Website Use

It is to be understood that the bookings made through the website, www.Farestriangle.com are made with the service provider, as named on the booking page, and not with Farestriangle. The website simply offers a user interface in a bid to aid customers in booking the required travel services. Hence, Farestriangle is not liable for any direct or indirect losses incurred as a part of any bookings made with the travel service providers. To this end, the customers understand that any dispute can only be taken up with the concerned travel service provider and not with Farestriangle.

Technical Security

Farestriangle is a platform for travel bookings, and although committed to the security and privacy of its customers, the website does not promise or guarantee the safety of customers’ devices, data or software or any other proprietary material, which may be harmed as a result of downloading any material from the website. Consequently, Farestriangle cannot be held liable for any viruses, harmful codes or malware that gets transmitted to the customers’ devices during or after their use of the website.

The use of the website and the services offered there in should be at the sole discretion and the risk of the customer. It must be understood that it is not in the capacity of Farestriangle to offer any express/implied warranty, with respect to the website, its services, its material or its content.

Furthermore, Farestriangle, or any person associated with Farestriangle, is not in the capacity to offer any warranty concerning the exactness, quality, security, consistency or wholeness of the website, or of the services offered there in.

Farestriangle, or any person associated with Farestriangle, is not in the capacity to offerany warranty with respect to any faults occurring due to server errors, misdirected transmissions, and intermittent internet connectivity, breaks in the transmission, faults in the processing of ticket orders or other such technical flaws, of any kind - human or procedural.Farestriangle hereby forsakes all warranties – direct or indirect, constitutional or otherwise.


Lastly, it must be understood that Farestriangle unequivocally reserves the right to remedy any errors relating to the pricing of the travel services listed on the website, and also any pricing mistakes occurring in any reservations.

In case the customer doesn’t agree with the rectified price, Farestriangle will gladly cancel the reservation on the customer’s behalf, without levying any cancellation penalty on the customer.

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