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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It is to be understood that Farestriangle, (“Farestriangle,” “the website”, “we,” “us,” or “our”), is the owner and operator of www.Farestriangle.com, a booking platform for customers who wish to travel with listings of various travel service providers.

This Privacy Policy is an initiative of Farestriangle to help you (our customer), to understand the details pertaining to the personal information we collect, complete with how we collect the said information and what way we use it in. It must be understood that we collect this information, only when you choose to visit/use our website, and use/purchase any of the services we offer.

It is to be understood that the act of visiting this website, accessing or using the information stated there in, and making purchases through the website, is an indication of your confirmation to this Privacy Policy.

Personal Information

Your use of this website gives us the right to extract and use your Personal Information, which helps us identify you as an individual. This information usually includes but may not be limited to your name, your postal address, your telephone number, your email address, your credit/debit card details, your passport number, and your social media account(s).

In addition, any other information that you provide as a part of using this website, including but not limited to your itinerary, your travel destinations, your food preferences, etc. will also be treated and used as your personal information.

The submission of such information about you, and about other people you make the bookings for, will be considered as an indication of your authority to do so. Simultaneously, this act of submission will be considered as your agreement to permit the use of this information as per our Privacy Policy.

Collection of Personal Information

Your Personal Information, as defined above, can be collected by us, through the website’s different functions such as signing up, logging in, making a booking or registering for a promotional offer. We may also collect this information offline through your contact with our customer care executives, or from other sources such as social media networks, public databases, etc. in line with your agreement to transmit the same.

Use of Personal Information

Your use or access of www.Farestriangle.com offers us the right to use your personal information in the following ways -

  • (1) To process your bookings with your chosen Travel Service Provider
  • (2) To process your payment for the bookings made through the website
  • (3) To get in touch with you for passing on the information pertaining to your bookings, payments or intention of bookings or payments through our website
  • (4) To offer customer service
  • (5) To email/message you promotional information, to the extent permitted by law
  • (6) To share any changes in terms, services, and policies that are relevant to you
  • (7) To offer a customized experience to you on our website
  • (8) To enable social media sharing

It must be understood, that we may also use your personal information for Database Creation, Data Analysis, Product Development, Business Development, Changes in our Services. We may also use this information for Monitoring and Preventing Fraud.

Disclosure of Personal Information

It must be understood that Farestriangle does not and cannot exercise any control over the travel service providers listed on our website, and on the way, they choose to use your personal information. When you use our website and provide your personal information to us, you must understand that this information will be dissipated to these travel service providers. Thereafter, it is your responsibility to read and review the privacy policy of any service providers or other such entities whose services you purchase as a result of using www.Farestriangle.com.

As a result of your use of our website, your information may be disclosed to -

  • (1) To travel service providers listed on our website
  • (2) To other travel-related consolidators or aggregators
  • (3) To our business partners
  • (4) To our third-party internet and payment service providers
  • (5) To the surviving entity in case of a merger, reorganization, dissolution or in case of the sale of all or most of our assets

The information we provide to third parties service providers is subject to confidentiality obligations and is intended to be used solely for the purpose (as) permitted thereby.

The use of your information will be as we understand to be essential or appropriate, wherein you will -

(a) Be under applicable law, including laws outside your state or country of residence;

(b) Comply with the legal process and to prevent, detect, or suppress abuse, fraud, or criminal activity;

(c) Respond to requests from public and government authorities and self-regulatory organizations, including public and government authorities and self-regulatory organizations outside your state or country of residence;

If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy of Farestriangle or that of any of our listed travel service providers, you should immediately stop using or accessing our website.

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