Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is a successful US low-cost carrier headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The airline services 100 local and overseas sites.

Southwest provides a fairly standard fare system with equal timetables and product advantages, including unlimited tariffs, as well as cheaper fares available on a limited basis.

Class of Travel:

Wanna Get Away – are also non-refundable fares that include all travel packages that are not business-select or full-price "Y" refundable reservations.

Anytime-This is Southwest's absolutely refundable "Y" fare. The above reservation can involve changing your ticket at any time without charge. Travel between the same city pairs and the actual date of flight is allowed, and these tickets are stable for several days, but there is typically little or no difference in the price of the change.

Business Select comes with a range of advantages including: insurance A1-A15 boarding, Ride By lane access, free premium drink, 12 Quick Rewards per dollar charged, fully refundable fare and standby.

Services Offered:

All southwest, international and regional flights have available seats. Passengers will take any seat of their choice on board. Southwest Airlines does not provide on-flight entertainment, so you can be using Southwest app to get access to on-flight entertainment for free.

Food & Drinks:

Southwest Airlines offers free soft drinks and coffee on board, however alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. Pretzels are coming on board free of charge. You may find the on-board menu on the official site.

Baggage Policy:

Carry-On Luggage: the dimensions of the carry-on baggage as set out in the Southwest Airlines Guidelines are 24L x 16W x 10H. There are no minimum weight limits for carry-on luggage.

Check-On Baggage: You can carry 2 bags a day on the Southwest Train. Every bag can, however, fit into the dimensions defined, i.e. 62 in or 157 cm (length + width + height) with a weight limit of 23 kg. In order to prevent any extra expense, you must ensure that the weight of the luggage does not meet the weight limit.

No-Cost Cancellation:

Southwest Airlines doesn't really impose any cancellation fee for its flight.

Check-In Information:

Online check-in: web-based check-in is accessible for booking of passengers; valid on all flights. That being said, you may check-in by simply accessing the online check-in page and including your identification number along with your first and last name. Digital check-in is available 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure date.

Airport Check-in: This can be accomplished by calling the airport check-in desk prior to departure. Check-in takes place at the airport three hours before the actual departure time and usually ends between thirty minutes and one hour before the actual scheduled departure time.

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