american airlines cancelling flights

american airlines cancelling flights

Review the Cancellation Policy: Visit the American Airlines cancelling flights website and review their cancellation policy. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions, including any fees or penalties that may apply.

Access Your Reservation: Log in to your American Airlines account or access your reservation using the confirmation number and passenger name. You should be able to find this information in the booking confirmation email.

Navigate to the Manage Reservations Section: Once you're logged in or have accessed your reservation, look for the "Manage Reservations" or "My Trips" section on the website. This is where you can make changes or cancellations to your booking.

Select the Flight to Cancel: Find the specific flight you wish to cancel and choose the option to cancel or modify it. Follow the prompts provided by the website to proceed with the cancellation.

Confirm the Cancellation: Review the details of the cancellation, including any potential fees or refunds.Check for Refunds or Credits: Depending on the fare type, refundability, and the timing of your cancellation, you may be eligible for a refund or travel credits. American Airlines will provide information on any refunds or credits that apply to your cancelled flight.

If you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions about cancelling your American Airlines flight, it's recommended to contact their customer service directly. The phone number for customer service can usually be found on their website. The customer service representatives will be able to assist you further with your cancellation and provide any necessary information regarding refunds or rescheduling options.

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